Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1 -- Using Blogger to Blog in the Classroom

Thank you for joining the 29-Day Web 2.0 Challenge! Our first blog entry is provided by Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation's iCATS. We would like to thank them for their support of this project.

Today, in an attempt to get everyone on the same (web)page, our challenge is the blog tool Blogger. If you are unfamiliar with what a blog is, here is a quick video to get you up to speed:

Blogger is the blogging website with which this 29-Day Challenge was created, and it is a great site for getting started with blogging in the classroom.

Setting Up

Before we jump into some of the possible applications of Blogger in the classroom, the first part of today's challenge is to learn three basic tasks related to participating in a discussion on a Blogger blog.

First, we need to set up our online profile:

Next, we need to subscribe to the blog as a member of this online community. You've created a Blogger profile, now all you need to do is click on Join this site in the Followers section to the right. You are then given the choice of using your Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Aim, Netlog, or OpenID account. On the next screen click on Follow this blog and you're all set. You are a member of the 29-Day Web 2.0 Challenge community.

Finally, we need to post a comment to the blog post to participate in the discussion. Be sure that you have become a member of the blog community by following the directions above. If there are comments made to the post already it will state that at the end of the post. Click on the Comments link to read the comments already made. To enter your comment, click in the white comment box at the bottom of the page, change the profile you'd like to post as (likely you will not change this), then click on Publish.

Exploring Blogger for the Classroom

Blogger was chosen as a featured communication tool for three reasons. First, there are many blogs that can enhance your own professional learning.While not all of these were created in Blogger, you will see that many bloggers use the familiar Blogger template. Click the link below for a short list of some of our favorite blogs to follow:

Some of our favorite blogs to follow

Second, Blogger is an excellent host for building a blog to use in your classroom. Blogs can be used to extend the classroom in many ways:

20 Reasons Why Students Should Blog
33 Ways to Use Blogs in Your Classroom

Here are some examples of teacher blogs from Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (past and current):

The Sweater Vest Blog (2008-2009)
Mr. Flake's Science Class (Current)
Mrs. Esparza's Math Classroom (Current)
Mr. Bennet's Blog (Current)
Jammin' With the Jets (Current)

Third, inviting students to blog is an excellent way to develop student voice and to give students an authentic audience for their work. The link below has some great examples of student blogging in the classroom:

The EduBlogger- Check Out Class Blogs!

If you are interested in exploring blogging in the classroom, we recommend the following resources to get you started:

EVSC ICATS- Resources for Bloggers
Great Blogging Advice from Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher)

Finally, here are some resources related to getting started with Blogger itself:

The Essentials of Using Blogger to Publish Your Blog
Blogger Help YouTube Channel
Blogger Features

The Challenge

So what's the challenge? Each day as you read the blog entry, please think about how you will use the tool in the classroom or how you have already used it. We would like you to share your experiences, plans, and ideas with others using this blog. We welcome not only comments to the blog entry, but to other people's comments as well.

To get you started, how could you use blogging in your classroom? If you already have a blog, please share the URL and share the purpose of your blog.


  1. I currently have a blog set up for my Math & Technology class here at Delaware Elementary School in Evansville, IN. I use it as a resource for my students, parents, and peers. I try to keep it up-to-date with meaningful news, content, and resources pertaining to what we are currently working on in class. My students seem to enjoy reading my blog more than they do hearing me talk! :)

    Here is the address of my blog:

  2. I loved blogging with my students when I was in the classroom. It is an amazing way to extend your time with kids and get to know them better. Also, when students blog, the "quiet" ones often speak up in ways that you could have never imagined. If you haven't tried blogging with your students, I encourage you to dive in. One important piece of advice: ask the kids to help you determine how the blog can be useful to them as learners. The more say they have in its creation, the better it will turn out. My current blog is about making learning more like a playground experience. Feel free to join in the fun at:

  3. As the tech aide for my school, I am always on the go looking for those tools and sites that will assist my teachers. I am new to blogging, and looking forward to learning more about it.

  4. I have never created a blog or seen one used in the classroom. However, the ones I checked out above are amazing! As a parent, I would like to see what the students are up to in class and feel like I am more in tuned to what is happening at school.

  5. In Michiana we're exploring ways to encourage blogging among teachers and the broader STEM community. Our Michianastem Community blog ( has 163 regional subscribers, including about two dozen K-12 teachers. Blogs are a great tool for uniting a community. For more, read "Blogs as threads of STEM culture, here:

  6. I'm not sure about blogging with my students in Kdg, but I am excited about blogging with other teachers. This is the first time I have ever blogged. Having taught over 30 years I did not grow up with computers like many other teachers. I am just excited I was actually able to log on. I am looking forward to learning more about using technology in the classroom. I was afraid today would not go smoothly, but it did. My students loved digital learning day. I tried many new things. I am starting to get very comfortable with my document camera, projector and big screen all hooked up to my computer. That is the technology I have. I do not have a smart board.

  7. Here at the Vigo County Public Library in beautiful Terre Haute, while we offer free computer classes to our patrons, we are providing structured training for our employees in 2012. The theme is "Don't Panic! - VCPL Technology Training" and it based on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. We are hoping to gleam some ideas. (And yes, we have been issued towels for our travels through the technology galaxy.)

  8. I have been reading blogs for awhile now but have not blogged myself or with my classroom. I love reading other educators blogs and getting to see snapshots of their classrooms. I have found so many valuable tools, resources and ideas from reading blogs. I am looking forward to trying to blog with my classroom.

  9. Blogging is great for use as a homework assignment. I used blogs my first two years of teaching as a way for students to practice their French while using technology. In order to foster 21st century skills, I used blogging as extra practice outside class time. They were required to comment on at least 5 of my 9 posts for the quarter. I would make any extra comments above what they posted extra credit, thereby tricky them into more practice! There were some limitations in this in that they would often forget to put their name on their comment. I have switched to using Edmodo. I would love to do individual student blogs one day where they could make posts and respond to each other's posts. I found Blogger to be very user friendly as well, even for the most basic computer/internet user.

  10. Katie brings up a great aspect of blogging with students and that is the extended interaction through commenting. Not only is the poster responding to the blogger but to others who have commented and those new readers who will come along. What a great way for our students to be demonstrating active thinking by posing questions, making connections, stating their opinion or just adding their personal knowledge to the discussion.

  11. My 2nd graders blog 4 times/week on my blog site: They love it and do a wonderful job blogging. It is also a useful location for all the links that I want my students to visit during the school day. It's great for embedding videos, games, and pictures that you want for your students too. We even sometimes use our blog to communicate with our epals in New York. My students love checking out their visitors on sitemeter and looking up the locations on Google Earth. Those who know me would tell you that I could go on and on about blogging and all its many uses! It's my most favorite thing that I've ever added to my classroom routine!

  12. As a fourth grade teacher, I use my classroom blog to keep parents up-to-date with the classroom. In addition, I attempt to motivate students to engage in hypermedia. Lastly, some posts are shared with students to link to valuable resources.

    Then, there is my blog to attempt to inspire my colleagues to develop their ed-tech familiarity. I started it after the ICE conference to share what I learned with other teachers in my district. Now, I have been sharing random Instructional Technology information with my school.

    The thirds was started for my after school guitar lessons.

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