Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 14 -- Poster Yourself on Glogster

Today's guest blogger is Sara Hunter, 3rd grade teacher at Union Elementary School, Zionsville Community Schools.

Glogster EDU is a dynamic web based tool for creating interactive virtual posters containing multimedia elements including text, audio, video, images, graphics, drawings, and data.  Educators and students alike will find an engaging and user-friendly platform that offers limitless choices in purpose, design, embedded multimedia, and safe teacher-monitored accounts.

Why Glogster EDU?  These high school gloggers have a few good reasons why.

Glogging kicks blogging up to the next level as students have full creative control of self-expression through virtual blank page.  While text can be incorporated with many cool design features, images, videos, hyperlinks and many web 2.0 tools are easily embedded into glogs with a URL or uploaded from a computer.  Published glogs can be shared in class, on the user's profile, via a specific URL, and can be embedded onto websites, wikis, and blogs.

The Glogpedia provides inspiration and ideas with top-rated glogs like these:

Once you have created a Glogster EDU account, it's time to start glogging!  This short tutorial shows just how easy and fun it is to create a glog.

A few possibilities for student use:

  • Portfolio of student work
  • Map a student's digital footprint
  • Respond to learning in any curriculum areabies.
  • Book reports
  • Research reports
  • Collaborative group projects
A few possibilites for educator use:

  • "Flip" the classroom with a glog based web quest
  • Multimedia digital scrapbooking
  • Introducing new concepts, vocabulary, etc.
  • Virtual tours
Happy Glogging!

The Challenge

Explore Glogster and think about how it could be useful in your classroom. Will you use it as an instructional tool or will you have your students use Glogster to complete an assisgnment?

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