Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 16 -- Educreations

Educreations - A Recordable Whiteboard for Instruction

Today's guest blogger is Lorie Homan from Noblesville Schools

With students having tools to access online information more than ever before, wouldn’t it be great to to be able to create lessons that are accessible to students outside of the classroom? There is! A free iPad app called Educreations allows the user to create podcasts of lessons that can be accessed on an iPad or the web site.

The Educreations App turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking. It allows a student or teacher the ability to explain a math problem or annotate a diagram with voice recording, digital ink, and photo imports. These recordings can then be shared through email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Once recordings are created, these videos can also be accessed through A link is generated to give to students to register and create a free account to view these recordings.

The Challenge

Do you have access to iPad? Try out the Educreations app. Check the Educreations home page to see some sample videos and get some idea of how you can use Educreations in your classroom. How are you going to to use Educreations?

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