Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 18 -- Evernote: Duly Noted Everywhere

"Evernote is the application I recommend for use for both teachers and students to lead change. It is a dynamic way to take notes for research and productivity."


Evernote is like a second brain helping you keep track of things from receipts to Web sites. Evernote is an online notebook working on multiple devices allowing you to store:

  • pictures
  • text notes
  • audio notes
  • handwritten notes
  • Web site clippings
  • lists

The best thing is not that it stores all of this information, but how easy it is to retrieve it. Evernote searches all of your information by using tags you assign, timestamps, and location. It has an excellent keyword search, even finding words in pictures and graphics. You can organize notebooks or take quick notes on the go.


You can keep your notes to your self or easily share them through social networks, email, or posting on the Web. Here is a simple shared notebook on learning spaces.

How You Can Use It

How Your Students Can Use It

The Challenge

Have you used Evernote? If so, share how you've used it. Are you going to start using it? Keep in mind that you can access your Evernotes from any computer or mobile device.

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