Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 27 -- Conceptboard

Today's guest blogger is Janice Curtis, Technology Curriculum Director at Plymouth Community School Corporation.


Where have we heard it before? 
Create.  Collaborate. 
Communicate.  Critical Thinking.

One way to accomplish the 4 C's is to use Web 2.0 annotation tools. allows users to annotate any type of document or image in REAL TIME!  I'll give you some ideas while showing you some features below:

  • upload a document or an image which will appear on the board
    • curate an article by highlighting
    • insert points on an image of a graph
    • peer edit & collaborate
    • upload multiple images for group representation of a concept
  • take a screenshot and place it on the board
    • demonstrate an application
    • analyze a Website
  • select a scribble tool
    • freehand an idea
    • use for math
    • annotate by highlighting with circles, arrows, highlighters
  • place a comment which points to something on the board
    • comment on making a project better
    • comment on the important points of an article
    • comment on a better way to perform an activity

Editing buttons are for images you upload and comment boxes
  • hand tool to move your board - to prove a point
  • fullscreen removes the header - for a class presentation
  • color picker houses the palette where lines, borders are edited - who doesn't like to edit?
The outline and history buttons are for content management
  • outline is a table of contents you choose - click on an element on your board to start creating a table of contents
  • history shows you all conversations on board  - when you click onto a comment in the history panel, the board will slide to that particular comment
Export if needed  

    • Use the gear wheel to change settings (on top of toolbar)

    • Export as PDF or PNG (image) file

    This video from the conceptboard site will give you some examples of social annotating using Conceptboard: 

    1. Invite students to share a conceptboard with their email
    2. Free subscription for up to 25 boards
    3. Special Features Section :  meetings, presentation, file sharing, screen sharing, access to guests without registering and much more. (I sound like an ad!)
    The Challenge

     Create a free Conceptboard account and explore the site. How can use this resource in your classroom?

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    1. We don’t even have the constraints of a physical classroom to worry about. We can use every new technology, every new innovation and every new idea that we have the open mindedness to embrace.