Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 5 - Skype

Would you like to communicate with someone far away (or maybe even nearby) online? Skype is a program, installed on your computer or mobile device, that allows you to collaborate face-to-face online. You can communicate via IM, audio, or video. Skype is available for PC, Mac, and all mobile devices. It is free to call between computers and/or mobile devices, but there is a cost if you want to call a landline.

Getting started with Skype

Create an Account
Download the Software
Skype on YouTube

How amazing is it that you can talk to anyone anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet-enabled device. At home you can use Skype to talk to out-of-town relatives or kids at college. At school, the possibilities of using Skype are endless!

50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom
Skype in the Classroom
Skype an Author Network
Skype in Schools
The Complete Educators Guide to Using Skype effectively in the Classroom
SimpleK12 Skype in the Classroom LiveBinders

The Challenge

What are the possibilities of using Skype in your classroom? What about using Skype for professional develeopment? If you've used Skype before please share your experiences and lessons learned with your fellow educators.


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    1. Skype allows teachers to communicate with other classrooms, careers, and basically anyone located elsewhere.

      When my brother was teaching English in Korea, I first learned about Skype. It made Christmas special with him on the computer.

      To discuss projects, I've also used Skype with my professors.

      If parents are comfortable with techology, it is a nice way to conference with parents also. What if you were absent from school and needed to remind the class of something?

      I made a Skype blog post back in November and reposted it yesterday. I am planning on sharing this information with teachers at my school.

      Giants 9 and Pats 10 (at the time of post)

  2. Of all the tools that have the power to make your classroom global, Skype is the easiest and most powerful. There is something about having a window into another place that is hugely engaging. Finding people to engage with via Skype is easier than you think as well. It is typically as simple as finding the contact info for someone you imagine collaborating with and then asking.

    There are some resources for locating people willing to Skype on the Skype tab in this LiveBinder:

    My advice is to start by using Skype personally as a video phone. It is such an easy way to collaborate with colleagues, visit with friends, and wish your kids goodnight when you are away. After that, it is easy to imagine using Skype in the classroom.

  3. I just recently used Skype to call a friend in France and have her talk to my students about the culture of France. They loved it! She teaches English in France, so we're even linking up our students as e-mail pals and hope to find ways to connect our classrooms together in the future!