Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 9 -- Here Comes the Sun - Jing

Today's guest blogger is Monica Plantan, sixth grade teacher at Zionsville Middle School.

Jing is free screen capture software that is an educator’s friend. Allow Jing’s little “sun” icon in the corner of your computer screen to serve as a reminder of the many ways that your life can be simplified while enriching the educational experience for your students. Jing is a dream tool for a flipped classroom, as it allows you to add narration to your visuals, create online conversations, capture and annotate images, and enhance collaboration efforts. I have been using Jing for several years now, and while there are other similar tools, it has remained a go-to source for information sharing.

A full host of tutorials are available on the TechSmith website; download is fast and easy; and you can be sharing information within minutes.
Here are just a few of the ways that my colleagues and I use Jing. You will undoubtedly find many more to fit your classroom needs.
  • Edit and annotate student writing. Students will hear your voice giving feedback on their work, and they seem to find that far more meaningful and engaging than written comments.
  • Use it in a foreign language class. Vocabulary, pronunciation, inflection, and sentence structure will come alive.
  • Share a math lesson. I use SmartBoard or mimio software and a Bamboo tablet to reproduce examples for students to review on their own.
  • Have students create projects, collaborate in teams, and produce notes or review sessions. My class of sixth graders created a wikispace devoted to geometry lessons - all reviews were created using Jing.
  • Flip the class by having students review notes, PowerPoints, or information through a Jing podcast before conducting a discussion or activity.
  • Communicate with parents using Jing. We talked parents through the features of the Angel Learning Management Suite by using Jing videos.
If you’ve ever had to repeat directions (HA!), Jing allows you create a “how to” video and say it once. In a 1:1 setting, students need to learn how to organize and save work on their netbooks – Jing to the rescue.

A special note to elementary teachers: Jing can work for you, too! Here is a cool use that combines Jing with Disney's free Kerpoof Studio. Imagine the possibilities for online storytelling!

For personal use: When Grandma wants to download songs on the iPod you gave her, but she can’t quite remember the steps - send her a Jing. You want the family to narrate those vacation pictures for everyone in the family – Jing your slideshow.

I hope you’ll give it a try and share your experience and ideas.

The Challenge

Now that you've learned about Jing (or learned more about Jing), how do you think you could use it in your classroom? Or have you already used Jing in the classroom? If so, how?

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