Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 25 -- HIPPOCAMPUS: Powered by NROC

Today's post comes from HippoCampus. The IDOE is partnering with NROC and will be providing access to their content for all Indiana educators in the very near future. Stay tuned through the Learning Connection in the EdTech Connect Community for more information about this valuable resource., a free, public website for high school and college students, is an outgrowth of the National Repository of Online Courses or NROC (pronounced "n-rock"). The Monterey Institute of Technology and Education (MITE, pronounced "mighty") created NROC and to further MITE's mission to improve quality education for everyone.

NROC provides high-quality, curricularly rigorous, multimedia content on general education subjects for high school and college students. NROC was designed as a member-sustained Open Educational Resource that high schools and colleges could host in their own learning management systems (LMS) and adapt for use by teachers and students at little or no cost.

NROC developed HippoCampus as a homework help site for students. Today it serves over 250,000 visitors a month. Because over half of the users are teachers projecting HippoCampus content into their classrooms, we redesigned the site to accommodate new content collections, highlight discipline-specific resources, and enable the creation and sharing of custom “playlists”.

Watch this quick video overview of the newly redesigned HippoCampus website:

Take a more in-depth tour of the New HippoCampus with HippoCampus Product Manager Beth Pickett.

The Challenge

Try New HippoCampus yourself. Create a free account and try to use the new playlist feature to create custom drag-and-drop playlists.

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  1. With E-Learning the sky is the limit and maybe not even that.

    So, what’s your limit? Personally, I think that its time we all find out.